1. edd just said he’s gonna stay up with me till im alright

    im so glad i have friends like him

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    Spooky’s favorite place to ride with us in the car is on the dashboard. 

  4. Gonna lurk on scary forums for a while, talk to my only companion, and sleep.

  5. just. yeah. feeling kinda neglected and liek things are more important thank me.

    gonna get some hot drinks and someting to eat on taost and sleep i thing 

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    You know the ‘Expressionless’ story?


  7. just terrified youre gonna leave me

    really really terrified

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    Having to manually remind myself that you love me right now.

  10. bardofrage-gamzee:


    im tired and i hate myself

    You are attractive and topless!

    you are stating the obvious!!!!

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    i wonder why when women write teen novels they’re categorized as chicklit yet when jgreen writes teen novels hes a nyt best selling author and praised as understanding the tru nature of teens nvm i know why

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    Plague(2014) - Kyle Thompson

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    If anyone has any scary stories they’d like to share that’d be swell.

     I always find this stuff interesting.

  14. Reading about cryptozoology and paranormal things at half one in the morning. My headache has gone, finally, and Edd is keeping me company.

    I miss having someone to share scary stories with. 

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